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This is a German company with the goal of individual promotion of individual artists. We specialize in album productions and booking. We also work with experienced partners who can take over crew services and support you on tour. It is important for us to build a network of musicians for musicians and to learn from each other!


We guide you through the complete recording process of your music. Starting with the planning to the finished implementation. Our employees take care of your needs.


B O O K I N G | R O S T E R

We supervise selected bands around the process of the bookings. For applications please use the general e-mail address. To book a band please contact the responsible agent.

  • Thormesis (Post Black Metal) | jochen.raffelsbauer@soundbath-productions.de


T O U R I N G | C R E W S E R V I C E S


P A R T N E R | T E C H N I C I A N S

If you want to book a technician or our crew-services please use the following e-mail addresses.

  • Wirklicht (Abbath, Alcest, Belphegor ...) | LIGHT | wirklicht@soundbath-productions.de
  • VTi-Music (Equilibrium, Boarstream ...) | SOUND | vti@soundbath-productions.de


M U S I C  W E  P R O D U C E D

  • Minas Morgul “Heimkehr” 2020 | Trollzorn
  • Thormesis “The Sixth” 2019 | MDD Records
  • Thormesis “Trümmerfarben” 2017 | MDD Records
  • Thormesis “Freier Wille - Freier Geist” 2015 | MDD Records
  • Delirium “Urkraft” 2019 | MDD Records
  • Gabriel “Zorn der Götter” 2019
  • Boötes Void 2019
  • Metal-Only e. V. | Intro for "Blacky"

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